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Andrew Patterson

Sunday Business and Week in Review


This week’s feature guests are Blunt Umbrella co-founders Greig Brebner and Scott Kington.

21C Skills Lab co-founder Justine Munro (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

JUSTINE MUNRO on disrupting the education sector

21C Skills Lab is the latest disruptor in the education sector. It focuses on delivering learning skills it argues are not being sufficiently focused on in the curriculum.

Paula Bennett said tips should be given for excellent service

Hidesight: Minister's tips tax lie exposes budget spin

Paula Bennett's blunder reveals extent of rapacious government.

Weekly Hit: Budget script better than National dared imagine

Steven Joyce owes both Bill English and Andrew Little for the success of his first budget.

Auckland mayor warns transport gridlock will feature in election race

Phil Goff is warning political parties in the upcoming election Auckland voters want answers to their transport woes.

Blunt Umbrellas co-founders Greig Brebner and Scott Kington

GREIG BREBNER & SCOTT KINGTON on reinventing the umbrella


Blunt's co-founders on their reinvention of the brolly. 

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